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As strong advocates of, and believers in, the long term success of Bitcoin, the Coin Validation team set out to help the many US-based Bitcoin businesses who have had their bank accounts frozen, had funds seized, or been shut down due to an unclear regulatory climate and limited guidance for legal operation within US markets.

Coin Validation is working to build a well-defined roadmap for Bitcoin businesses to follow in order to achieve compliance by helping to further develop and understand policy and through the use of new technology. The end goal is to develop a process for Bitcoin businesses to follow, similar to the rule-set to which a business must adhere when accepting credit cards in order to achieve PCI compliance.

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For additional information on how you can connect with Coin Validation and take steps towards achieving regulatory compliance, please review the appropriate resources below.


PDF designed to help US regulatory agencies better understand the current Bitcoin climate and ecosystem, as well as our US government partnership campaign.

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Coin Validation is developing a one-stop compliance suite for Bitcoin businesses seeking to operate legally in US regulated markets. We can help your business.

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What is Coin Validation?

Coin Validation is an online platform that integrates directly with Bitcoin money service providers and helps them with AML and KYC policy and tools. Coin Validation helps Bitcoin businesses achieve US regulatory compliance on both state and federal levels.

How does it impact me?

Coin Validation provides a means for Bitcoin businesses to operate legally within US regulated markets - if you are a Bitcoin user and would like to interface with companies operating in this space, Coin Validation helps enable the process.

Will I need to register for Coin Validation separately?

No. Coin Validation works directly with Bitcoin businesses and does not add any additional hoops for Bitcoin users to jump through.

Does Coin Validation create a whitelist or blacklist of bitcoin addresses, wallets, or bitcoins?

Absolutely not.

Will bitcoin users be verified/validated?

When a user interacts with a participating business, in most cases that business must verify that an address belongs to an individual analogous to the way that compliance companies currently verify that a bank account belongs to a specific individual.

Will Coin Validation attempt to classify or regulate bitcoin addresses and users?

No. We simply collect data required for legal compliance. We have developed technology to do this without collecting user-specific data, or risking the privacy of end-users.

I have some questions/I would like additional information. Who can I contact?

For more information please contact us directly.