US Regulatory Compliance

Coin Validation was founded with the sole intent of addressing the question, "How do Bitcoin businesses achieve regulatory compliance within the United States?" Coin Validation is not an attempt to police Bitcoin. Coin Validation does not intend to create or maintain whitelists or blacklists of Bitcoin addresses or of the coins themselves.

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency. It uses peer-­to­-peer technology to manage and track transactions, issue currency, and enforce security with robust cryptographic procedures.

Bitcoin is based on open source technology that cannot be influenced by any one person, but is instead maintained and managed by the entire community of Bitcoin users. It provides for a democratic process which operates with checks and balances, as well as a strictly defined system for making any necessary amendments.

We're here to help

As a Bitcoin business, a future partnership with Coin Validation will help you to operate legally within the United States.

If you are a Bitcoin user and would like to interface with companies operating in the United States, Coin Validation seeks to help enable the process.


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